Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Character Animation progression

I decided on two of my characters for this project quite early on, but not because they go well together, which in hindsight may have been a bad decision, but they have good characteristics on their own. They are both based on myself, good and bad characteristics of me.

For my good alter ego, I have Reginald, the British Genie. He originated from when I was helping someone do something. I thought to myself that I don't often help out, probably a bad thing, but then when I do help, I really try my best, so it's perhaps the quality you get from me, not the quantity. In which case you get a genie, who has the power to help people with magical powers, just exaggerating myself, and of course he had to be British, because I wanted him to be kind of posh, and pick and choose who he helps, sort of like how I am.

After we picked a character, we had a life model do some poses for us as a class, which I then took into Photoshop and drew the character over, and painted. There are still a few things I mean to change in the design though, as I think the waistcoat should be black. I'm also tempted to give him a bowler hat, just to exaggerate the British-ness of him.

The Dark-side character is a little more quirky. I was thinking about how long I spend in the shower, but don't even realise... a 5 minute shower easily turns into 15 minutes! And the amount of time I just stand there, like a zombie. Then I just got the thought in my head... shower zombie!

I wanted him to be tall and spangly, and wearing a shower curtain, but after some discussions with people, we decided that it looks too much like a dress, and it makes the character look like a grizzly old woman in a flowery dress, so I redesigned the character to just be a zombie in a towel, looking pretty confused.

This is my final design, and it looks much better. After this, I started to create my animatic.

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