Wednesday, 16 November 2011

First post!

Right, since I've been feeling a little ill, I think it's time to start up this blog.

I am a student doing a degree in Stop-motion Animation and puppet-making, and I am in my second year. I currently have three major projects going on, and I'll explain what I've done, and where I'm going with them:

1. My first project is "Character Animation & Implementation."
The projects are based on an alter ego of myself, so after some small amounts of written ideas, I began drawing some light side, and dark side alter egos.
Some of the drawings are better than others, yet some of the ideas are better. I then began the task of narrowing it down to what I thought were the cream of the crop, better ideas.

2. My second project is based on "Audio Production & Lip Sync" where we have been learning how to create an animation which includes speech. In between classes we have been learning how to use software to edit the audio which we have collected.

3. The third project is "Model Making" where we are recreating an old Max Fleischer cartoon entitled "Cobweb Hotel," in stop-motion animation as a group. Right from the beginning, we split up into groups, with a piece of the set each, and went off and created some mock ups. I was given the room set to build, which is interesting, as we decided we would use the same room for every room in the set. 

This just shows a rough scale, and a basis for where everything is going to go within the set. After we looked at it, the set is going to be a little bit larger than this. 

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