Sunday, 29 January 2012


Over the weekend, in the few bits of time I've had spare, I've started on the storyboards for the war of the world's project. Here are just a couple pictures, although I guess they're just a teaser really!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Assistant Animator

The Assistant Animator project has been announced, and I have already started to help out my friend and colleague Zeke with his production of War of the Worlds. We've already been chatting about various ideas he has, and I am drawing up a storyboard for him over this next week. I will also be helping him out with set-building. I'm really excited about this, as I love his previous sets, and am hoping to learn a lot from him.

Set almost built!

It's been a lazy few weeks during christmas, but I've gotten stuck back into the set to finish it. With the ease into university again at the start of term, it has given me plenty of time to get it done.

 After me, shane and dan finished glueing on the final pieces of the set, we continued painting, and me Dan and Lily got a fully dark brown coat on, which worked very nicely.

Once the dark colour had dried, me and Dan moved on to the dry-brushing, which was finished quite quickly but took a few days of labour! We then made the archway over the main area, and gunked it overnight. 

Since this last photo, the set has been completed, and props are now in progress. I personally am producing a glue pot to be used. Let's hope it comes out nicely!