Wednesday, 14 December 2011

More painting!

I managed to get some better pictures of the finished colour scheme here, all ready to be re-built.

It's got a very orangey-yellowy look to it, which I like. The yellow has really given it some depth as well.

I've spent about 4 or 5 hours painting the main set also, which has now halfway to being primary coated. There are a lot of white gaps, but these will be filled in with the second, watered down coat.

Hopefully more to come tomorrow too!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Painting the set

The smaller room set is almost painted, and just needs rebuilding now, those pictures will be shown soon. The larger set has had the wood fixed down to it, and has been gunked (artex) ready to be painted.

I started with a mix of the brown with a darker blue, which made a really dark brown, but it wouldn't go into the cracks, so we put a very watered down mix of the brown and left it over night. The next colour was straight from the bottle and was dry brushed on top, if you don't know, dry brushing is a technique where you take the majority of paint from the brush, the brush itself has no water on it, and then you stroke across, so it becomes a powdery sort of texture. The next colour to go on was a mix of a golden yellow and the brown, dry brushed lightly on top, then finally a dry brushed highlight of the yellow by itself.

The main set will be painted also in this method, and I will hopefully manage to finish the first coat today.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Character animation.

The character animation module has almost been completed. This means I have quite a lot to talk about.

The first thing I did after my last post, was create my animatic. This started with a collection of drawings I drew in photoshop, then edited in other software. I didn't actually add any sound, as I was still contemplating what sorts of sounds and music to use at the time.

After the animatic was completed, I set out to draw all the pieces I used to do the animation with. My main inspiration at the time was an episode of "Samurai Jack"

This episode was mostly just in black and white, and I loved the strong Good and Evil relations to the white and black, so I decided to use it in my animation. I used white card on top of black, and split apart the characters so I could move them, using blue tack. After a lot of work I finally managed to get it all done, and edited it with some strange musics, and some self-recorded sounds, to create my final animation.

There are a few things that I would have liked to change, but overall, I'm very pleased with my outcome.

P.S. Thanks to Dan Roberts for groaning like a zombie for me.

Set progression

I'm currently in the process of painting the set, starting with a dark brown, then a lighter brown, adding a little yellow, then a little more, and it's created an orange looking glow to the colour. This is good as it makes it look as if it is a cartoon style colorisation. Pictures will be added soon.

Lip Sync progression!

I've managed to finally finish my Lip syncing work, which I haven't posted much on, but after taking some recordings, I decided on taking a secret recording of my friend shane (I asked him if I could use it, don't worry!). After cutting down the clip, I made some quick sketches of a scottish character, to go with his accent.

After building a simple wire armature, I built on top of it with plasticine, the design changed a bit, and I decided I didn't need the feet or the back, as they wouldn't be seen.

The background is simply two pieces of card, one blue, one green, with a bit cut out to make it look like mountains. I wanted it to be simple so not to distract from the character.

So here is my final animation, enjoy: